Higher Ed Department License

The Department License provides VoiceThread access for a single, named department at your institution. If courses from more than one department will be using VoiceThread, purchase a Site License here.

Download a comprehensive description of the Department License.

Management Portal Yes
Pro accounts 10
Basic accounts 250
Archival Export Credits 500
Phone Commenting Minutes 600
System Integration Optional upgrade
Customizable Homepage Optional upgrade
Training (1) 45 min. screen share
Support Standard Package
Price $999/year

VoiceThread changes the way students learn and educators teach...

  • Extend the classroom beyond its walls and scheduled time.
  • Online teaching & learning: provide "untethered" participation for students and educators, regardless of time and place.
  • Build a stronger sense of community within classes
  • Streamline course infrastructure with a media agnostic platform
  • Offer accessible means of participation for anyone.
  • Enhance understanding of visual concepts via multi-modal commentary with annotation.
  • Simplify IT infrastructure using a multi-platform Cloud Application.
"...VoiceThread is a web service that allows users to upload PowerPoint slides, videos, photos, etc. and add voice narration to create a multimedia presentation. But best of all, viewers can add their own comments to the presentation via voice or text. With VoiceThread students can attach questions or thoughts about a lecture directly to the lecture itself when and where they apply. The result is a discussion that is integrated into the lecture itself."John Orlando, E-Learning Consultant