What does each Publishing Option mean?

Customize the privacy and access settings for your VoiceThread by using these options:

Allow anyone to View?

This option makes the VoiceThread "public." Anyone who has a link to this VoiceThread can view it. Checking this option does not make your VoiceThread searchable.

Allow anyone to Comment?

This option allows anyone with a VoiceThread account to make comments on the VoiceThread. Anyone who has a link to this VoiceThread can view it and make comments on it. Keep in mind that everyone who leaves a comment must be signed into a VoiceThread account. If you don't already have an account, please register.

Moderate Comments?

This option turns Comment Moderation on and off. Comment Moderation allows you to control which comments are shown to everyone. Comments left on your VoiceThread are only visible to you and the person who left them until you decide to reveal them. Editors can see all comments and decide which are shown. Moderated comments appear gray and have a closed-curtain icon.

Click the closed-curtain icon to reveal the comment. Unmoderated comments will have a white background and an open-curtain icon.

Please keep in mind that disabling Comment Moderation will not automatically reveal all previously moderated comments. It will only affect new comments. You still need to reveal moderated comments individually. See Comment Moderation in action.

Show on Browse page?

This option specifies whether or not the VoiceThread appears on the Browse page. If your VoiceThread appears on the Browse page, it can be found by searching by keyword or by looking through the VoiceThread site.