Allowing commenters to add slides

By default, anyone who has been given explicit permission to comment on your VoiceThread can also add slides of their own. Contributors can only add slides. They can’t edit the VoiceThread in any other way, they can’t alter anyone else’s slides, and they can’t delete your VoiceThread.  This is a powerful way to build a collaborative … Continued

Searching for comments on your VoiceThread

If you are the owner or editor of a VoiceThread and you have a Pro or Pro Educator account, you can search for individual commenters on that VoiceThread. See it in action!   To use  this feature: Open your VoiceThread. Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of your VoiceThread. Search for a specific … Continued

Reporting inappropriate content

If you find a VoiceThread published on the Browse Page that you believe is inappropriate, please report it to VoiceThread immediately. To report a VoiceThread: Open the VoiceThread. Click on the menu icon in the top-left corner of the VoiceThread. Click “Report”. Fill out the form with as many details as you can about what … Continued

Creating and using sub-groups

Sub-groups allow you to create smaller groups within your larger groups.  This can be good for breaking users into smaller groups or organizing a course by week or assignment. In order to be a member of a Sub-Group, a person must also be a member of the “parent group”, or the group under which that … Continued

Selecting the types of commenting available

If you are the person who created a VoiceThread or you have editing rights for it, you can opt to disallow specific types of comments on that VoiceThread.  By default all types of comments are possible. To change these settings: Go to the Edit page for your VoiceThread. Click on the “Options” button in the … Continued

Retrieving a Deleted VoiceThread from the Trash

If a VoiceThread that you created has been deleted and you want to get it back, you can find it in your Trash Folder. Even if someone else deleted your VoiceThread, only you can restore it. Just go to the trash icon in the bottom-left corner of your VT Home Page.   This will open the … Continued

Third-Party Service Providers

It is important that we keep your information safe and secure.  In order to provide the rich features, analytics, and security you require, we work with a few other companies.  These companies will only have access to the minimum information they need in order to provide the service they offer VoiceThread. This is the list … Continued

Mobile app permissions

When using the VoiceThread app on iOS or Android, we may request the permission to access some services or features on your device.  iOS users may opt in or out of these individually, but Android users must accept access to all. iOS Mobile App Pictures & Videos: Uploading your images and videos into VoiceThread. Camera: … Continued

Password strength

If your institution uses external authentication, you do not need a local VoiceThread password. Your VoiceThread access is based on your membership in that external system. Technical Details Local VoiceThread passwords must be at least 6 alphanumeric characters. VoiceThread encrypts passwords using the peer-reviewed, industry-standard bcrypt password hashing function with a suitable work factor that … Continued

Downloading a comment

You can download any comment on a VoiceThread you own, and you can download any comment that you have recorded. This can be valuable for archiving specific comments, uploading a comment to a different VoiceThread slide, or sending a single comment to a closed-captioning service. Start playing the comment you want to download. Click the … Continued