Setting your language preference

VoiceThread is available in: English Español (Spanish) Français (French) Português (Portuguese) русский (Russian) 中文 (Chinese) 日本語 (Japanese) عربى (Arabic) 한국어 (Korean) From your VT Home Page: Click on your email address in the top-right corner of the page. Select “Display Preferences” from the menu. Use the “Language” menu to select a different language.  The page … Continued

VoiceThread Roadmap for 2016

With every decision and update, we’re committed to making VoiceThreading easier, more versatile, and more powerful. We want to share with you how far we’ve come and where we’re headed in the second half of 2016. What’s new?   Threaded Commenting  Make your VoiceThread conversations, presentations, and assessments even richer and more interactive with: Private … Continued

Why is VoiceThread using Flash? Why not HTML5?

It’s not uncommon for us to get the question: “why haven’t you switched to HTML 5 from Flash?” The short answer is that we already are well into a transition away from Flash, and we will continue that transition as quickly as it is safe to do so. Since 2014 over 50% of the VoiceThread … Continued

Moving content from Voice Authoring to VoiceThread

* Also available on Behind the Blackboard This knowledge base article will walk you through the process of exporting Blackboard Voice Authoring content and then importing that content into VoiceThread. Here are somethings you should know: You are able to export single and multiple messages, top-level threads, and entire Voice Boards to your computer for … Continued

How does VoiceThread compare to Voice Authoring tools?

VoiceThread can expand your use of asynchronous voice and video conversations far beyond what you have done in the past with Blackboard Voice tools.  If you are making the transition and are new to VoiceThread, however, you might simply want to recreate those past assignments with VoiceThread’s toolset. Here you’ll find workflows to do just … Continued

Is VoiceThread replacing Blackboard Voice Authoring?

Blackboard will be retiring its Voice Authoring tools by August 2016.  VoiceThread is the tool Blackboard offers clients as an asynchronous audio communication tool now.  Voice Authoring will no longer be sold.  For details about Voice Authoring’s end of life, please visit Behind the Blackboard. You can also learn more from Blackboard here. VoiceThread is … Continued

Sharing to Facebook or Twitter

Sharing a VoiceThread on social media is a great way to expand your conversation.  K-12 school districts have the option to disable this in the Manager Settings area, but by default anyone can share a VoiceThread on Twitter or Facebook. Navigate to the sharing area. Click on the “Basic” tab at the top of the window. … Continued

Rotating a slide

After accessing the editing page: Drag the slide you want to edit over to the “Edit” button on the left side or top of your screen. Alternatively, you can tap and hold your finger on a slide.  This opens a preview of that slide. Tap on the rotate buttons in the top-left or -right corner … Continued

Using the Account Verification page

If you see this page, it means that you already had a VoiceThread account under your email address before accessing through your institution’s integrated system, and VoiceThread is now trying to connect that existing account with your institutional profile.  You’ll only need to complete this step once.  To proceed through this page: Click on the “Verify … Continued