Dynamic Dialogue in Interpreter Education via VoiceThread
in International Journal of Interpreter Education, 8 (2), 34-42. Stacey Webb, Heriot-Watt University and Suzanne Ehrlich, University of North Florida


This paper provides a glimpse into the use of interactive dialogue to increase and improve interactivity among interpreter education students via VoiceThread. The focus of the paper is primarily drawn from experiences in the education of signed language interpreting students, however, it is also relevant to spoken language interpreting students. While this article aims to explore the use of VoiceThread (also known asMyThread) as a dynamic digital tool to enhance dialogue, the concepts highlighted go beyond tools to demonstrate how improved connectivity and dialogue can serve as a strong foundation for community building in eLearning environments. Both theory and application of the ways in which dynamic dialogue can be integrated will be addressed throughout the paper. Exemplars are provided to guide educators through use and implementation of VoiceThread to improve dialogue in the classroom.