VoiceThread: Utilization of Technology for Library Instruction
in International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design (IJOPCD) 9(4) Yingqi Tang (Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, USA)


Collaborative learning allows students to share diverse ideas, resources, and experiences. Studies have shown that students engaged in collaborative learning are more likely to achieve, and exhibit increased critical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, in an online course class, students receive very little human interaction because most of the communication is via text. This article overviews how VoiceThread, a cloud-based web 2.0 application, has been used in primary, secondary, and higher education institutions for enhancing discussion in traditional and virtual classroom. From there, actionable class content with a focus on teaching students’ information literacy is provided. This article also shared technique parameters of VoiceThread, as well as some notes of using VoiceThread application.