Higher Ed Single Instructor License



The Single Instructor License includes accounts for one instructor and up to 50 students. Additional accounts can be purchased as needed. The Manager Tool offers a simple way to create student accounts and groups. Download the Higher-Ed Administrator Guide.

VoiceThread changes the way students learn and educators teach...

  • Provide "Untethered," on-demand participation for students and educators.
  • Build a stronger sense of community within classes.
  • Streamline course infrastructure with a media agnostic platform.
  • Remove logistical barriers of time and place from online learning environments.
  • Offer accessible means of participation for anyone.
  • Enhance understanding of visual concepts via multi-modal commentary with annotation.
One of the things I felt was missing from our curriculum was a real seminar like we had back in college where you read some heavy material and then sit around the table and dig into it together as a class. ... Because the seminar-style course [I was] designing would be delivered completely online with no face-to-face component, [I] needed a way to recreate the seminar table virtually. ... Beth Bailey, instructional designer in the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences ... pointed [me] to VoiceThread." Adena Schutzberg, Penn State University