K-12 Single Educator License

$79/year or $15/month


A Single Educator License allows you to give your students their own accounts within a secure collaborative network, Ed.VoiceThread, and includes:

  • 50 student accounts (add more at any time for $2 each)
  • Create student usernames (email address not required)
  • Automatically be made an editor of student work
  • Manager tool to create classes and student accounts
  • Custom web address to easily share public VoiceThreads

If more than one educator in a school or building will be using VoiceThread, we recommend purchasing a School License.

Create Student accounts Yes, up to 50
Work in secure/accountable environment Yes
Admin tool for Students & Classes Yes
View, edit, and delete Student work Yes
Custom web address Yes
Create Classes/Groups Yes
Upload audio comments (MP3/WAV) Yes
Video commenting (webcam) Unlimited
Archival Movie Exports 100/year or 8/month
VoiceThreads Unlimited + 50/student
Cost $79/year or $15/month