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Foreign Language

Les Cantines du Monde by Rachel Sabre

In this activity, students research photos of typical school lunches from around the world. They select five photos and upload them to VoiceThread, name the country and describe each photo. Finally, students upload a photo of their own typical lunch and describe it. They discuss what foreign lunch they like best and why, along with what changes they could make to their own lunch to make it more healthy. This is an end of unit assessment.

The Use of Works of Art in a 2nd Semester German Course by Dagmar Jaeger

This VoiceThread shows how students can engage with a work of art in an active, personal and innovative way while practicing new vocabulary and grammar structures in the target language.

Getting to Know Berlin in a 1st Semester German Course by Dagmar Jaeger

Higher Ed students practice their German speaking skills by creating a collaborative “tour of Berlin”.

Compare Them: Chinese Grammar Practice for 9-12

Chinese language students practice comparative grammar.

Using a Bilingual Spanish-English Dictionary by David Thompson

VoiceThread is a tool that allows instructors to create on-line learning tutorials that are both content-rich and interactive. Not only can tutorials made with VoiceThread help students see concepts and processes better, they let students actively engage the concepts / processes. Interactive tutorials made with VoiceThread ask students to practice what they learn outside of class, so the instructor can observe their practice, respond with feedback, or modify classroom teaching to address students' needs.

Les sons des animaux (Animal Sounds) by Audrey Misiano

This multi-age global VoiceThread is an example of how you can create a project that can keep on growing with more and more participants from around the world. There are voices of children from pre-school all the way up to about 10 years of age involved in this project. It was very fun for the children to hear the voices of other children as they were added.

Grades 3-6 - Hindi

This VoiceThread was created as a homework assignment for STARTALK summer Hindi immersion camp for kids in grades 3rd thru 6th. Kids loved this homework, as no writing was involved, they could use the technology and it gave them good reading, listening and speaking practice.

10th grade Chinese language practice from Lilia Hurteau

VoiceThread can be used to teach Chinese in a high school setting. Students have to repeat the words and then make sentences with the new vocabulary. They record themselves and they have to be creative.

9th grade Chinese language lesson from James Rolle

VoiceThread provides a medium for this character-by-character explanation of a commonly used phrase in Chinese that students can listen to and learn on their own time.

11th grade - French fluency and history from Hassina Taylor

Students found that responding to my questions orally via the Internet was a great way to improve on their fluency, and they found it very challenging to use the visual cues to find answers. They concentrated much better and retained information because it is a "hands-on"...

3rd grade language "Les Trois Petits Cochons" from Mme Smith

Using VoiceThread, students realized the power of voice as a tool of expression. All students in the class were able to contribute to this VoiceThread presentation of a play they had learned.

Higher-Ed, Studying Abroad in Ecuador, David Thompson

This VoiceThread is a good example of digital storytelling for the purpose of reflecting on a study abroad experience.

7th Grade Spanish from Eve Millard

Learning a second or foreign language, these students are introduced to vocabulary via images or text, and engage in oral practice of the language.