Photo of 11th Grade - French Fluency and History from Hassina Taylor

11th Grade - French Fluency and History from Hassina Taylor

By Hassina Taylor




Students found that responding to my questions orally via the Internet was a great way to improve on their fluency, and they found it very challenging to use the visual cues to find answers. They concentrated much better and retained information because it is a “hands-on” activity. I was not feeding them the information. This project was assigned to a French IB SL class.


  1. Pick a history topic, plan objectives & procedure
  2. Find photos/videos
  3. Prepare a set of questions
  4. Enter text of questions
  5. Record questions
  6. Assign project to the class with a specific due date
  7. Before project is due, show students how to find the assignment


  • Learn what this historical figure contributed and how his actions shaped the history of France
  • Acquire new vocabulary in French and review a specific tense to be able to discuss this topic in class

Easy Parts

The easiest part was finding the visuals.


The hardest part was syncing the text and audio for the questions.


History book, Internet search for visuals and equipment needed.


Educators must prepare everything in writing and planning the exact sequence of visuals and questions. I learned that you cannot just sit at the computer and ad-lib questions or use the visuals randomly.


This VoiceThread can be used a model for teaching about the history of any country by concentrating on the people who shaped history. Just use a different name each time. I have already assigned 3 tasks to my students, who learned about Vercingetorix, Charlemagne & Francois 1er: important kings & emperors.