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Audio/video playback issues

If you are having trouble successfully playing back audio or video content in VoiceThread, there are a few different things to troubleshoot.

Settings for your computer

Make sure that the sound output for your computer is working in general by using a different application that uses sound or music. If that also does not work, try adjusting your computer’s sound settings or your speakers. If sound from other applications does work, proceed to the next step.

Update Adobe Flash

Having the latest update of Adobe Flash will ensure that VoiceThread and other Flash-based applications will run smoothly. Download the latest update at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

Check your network and browser settings

VoiceThread requires certain URLs and ports to be open on your network or allowed in your browser. If one is blocked, this may prevent successful playback.

  • Click here for more about adjusting your browser settings.
  • Click here if you are working on a local area network.

Please also clear your browser’s cache.

Try an alternative browser

If you are experiencing issues in one web browser and none of the solutions above help, try using VoiceThread in a different web browser.  While all modern web browsers should work, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the best choices.

Try another internet connection and computer

Trying another location and/or computer will help narrow down where the issue is occurring at the very least.  It will also allow you to complete your VoiceThread work in the short term while you continue troubleshooting your own computer or network.

Problems with only your own comments

If you can’t hear your own comments but you can hear comments from other people in VoiceThread, it could be that your comments are not actually recording successfully in the first place. In this case, please see tips about audio/video recording issues.

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