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Commenting on videos

Commenting on a video in VoiceThread allows you to interact dynamically with that video as you record.  Start by recording a voice or video comment. As you are recording use the play button at the bottom of the slide to begin playing the video, or use the scrubber ball on the timeline to scrub to a different location in the video. Any movements you make through the video as you record will be made a part of that comment.  Whatever you see on your screen as you speak is what your viewers will see as they watch your comment.  This allows you to show people exactly which parts of the video you are addressing in your comment.

If you are the first person to record a comment on the slide, your comment will automatically appear before the video.  This allows you to record an introduction.  All other comments will be saved after the video.  If you own the VoiceThread, you can change the order of the comments after they are recorded so that everything plays back in the order you would like. The video is represented by a camera icon in the conversation channel, and you can drag it to a new location just as you would drag a comment to move it.

Tip: If you don’t want the original video to play automatically when people are watching the VoiceThread, hover your mouse over the video icon in the comment channel and click “Skip during autoplay”.  As the comments on the slide play back, the video itself will be skipped unless the viewer explicitly clicks on the video to play it.


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