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Can ARISE also authenticate users?

No. ARISE must be used in conjunction with an external authentication system. It simply takes your authenticated users and sorts them into their respective groupings in VoiceThread.

Does implementing ARISE automatically use VoiceThread resources?

Yes. If you have a VoiceThread license that does not include unlimited accounts, be mindful of which users you include in your enrollment files.

Is VoiceThread access interrupted while ARISE information is being updated?

No. ARISE allows the data discovery process to occur in a “non-blocking” fashion, meaning that users can continue to access VoiceThread without interruption. A user may need to refresh their page if they are using VoiceThread actively when the course enrollments are updated.

What happens if a user is accidentally removed from a course?

This is no problem at all. Simply add that user back into the course with the next update, and he will regain access to that course the following day. Learn more about updating enrollment information.

Can users be manually added or removed from course?

No. All management of membership in an ARISE course is handled by the data VoiceThread receives. If you need to add or drop a user, you’ll need to make that change in the information sent to VoiceThread.