VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / Settings / One-conversation mode vs. multi-conversation mode

There are two ways that you can set your VoiceThread to display comments. You can decide which option to use in the thread settings.


The one-conversation setting keeps all comments visible on the left side of the page at all times, regardless of which slide you’re on. Click on each comment to play it, and whatever slide the comment was posted on originally will display as it is playing back.

Useful for:

  • Conversations that span multiple slides.
  • Lectures or presentations where the presenter leverages M/5 commenting.
  • Collaborations where comments on all slides are important to all viewers.
  • Content creators who simply prefer to see all comments in a unified list.


The multi-conversation setting is the “traditional” VoiceThread view. Only comments that were recorded on a given slide are visible on the left side of the page. As you navigate to other slides in the VoiceThread, you’ll see any comments recorded there.

Useful for:

  • Projects where different groups of participants are collaborating around each of the slides.
  • Lectures or presentations where there is exactly 1 comment per slide.
  • Projects where there are video slides that you want to have play automatically without participants having to navigate there manually if there are no comments on it.
  • Content creators who simply prefer to keep all comments for a given slide only in that one slide view.