VoiceThread Docs / Billing and Purchases / Pre-sales Inquiries / Why is there a cost associated with VoiceThread?

People around the world use VoiceThread to capture and share their voices, and this has resulted in some amazing examples of human expression and collaboration. Participating in a VoiceThread conversation is free. Simply register for an account using a valid email address. For more advanced creation, commenting, and management features, VoiceThread does offer the ability to purchase an upgrade.

VoiceThread does not advertise, solicit, or receive contributions from any outside source, so our revenue comes directly from subscriptions. It’s a simple and old-fashioned proposition that provides clarity and transparency to our users.

The funds that come from premium subscriptions go toward employing the development team members who create and maintain VoiceThread, and the support team members who help you use and implement VoiceThread successfully. They also go toward the premium datacenter that keeps VoiceThread humming along with over 99.9% up-time year over year. There are few companies, even those 100 times our size, that can match that record, and it is no accident. We are passionate about our work and strive to “do it right” every time.

We hope that VoiceThread is an important part of the way that you teach, create, and collaborate online. Our simple licenses are what enable the quality, up-time, improvements, and world-class support that are valuable to you.