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At the end of an instructional period, you can choose to dissolve all existing courses so you can start fresh in the next period. When a course is dissolved, no content is deleted. Users’ accounts continue to exist and their content still belongs to them. Only the grouping of content and sharing permissions around that content are removed.

LDAP/Active Directory

To dissolve an entire course, simply remove all members from that course in your LDAP. If there are no members of that course in LDAP, then that course will not exist for any users in VoiceThread. All changes will be visible the day after they are made.


When you send an update file, just omit any courses you’d like to dissolve. As long as the course does not exist anywhere in the file, it will be dissolved the following day.

If you accidentally omit a course from the file and need to restore it, simply add that course identifier and all the members that belong in the course in the next update file, and it will be reinstated. Users won’t need to re-share their VoiceThread content with the course.

LMS integration

Instructors can dissolve their courses by using the “Disable Course” function in the Course View.